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Eight O'Clock Coffee is the brand line of coffee products currently manufactured by the Eight O'Clock Coffee Company, a subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products, which is headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey; its coffee production plant is in Landover, Maryland. Tata Global Beverages has owned Eight O'Clock Coffee since 2006.

8 Oclock coffee is not really drinkable, the taste is not enjoyable and it doesn't have a nice aroma, according to James Moser at amazon.com

"Not really drinkable. Not the best coffee I have tasted. I bought this coffee because it has been recommended to me. However, I didn't enjoy the taste. The aroma was not very nice. When you wake up in the morning and the coffee does not smell good to you, you know it is not right."


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"Too much too soon for so much opportunity"

Salesman/ Technician (Former Employee) says

"owners had no care about their employees or how they treated them. They sometimes wouldn't pay you the correct amount and fighting with them on that was always a pain.usually 4-5 jobs per day plus driving so all day long from 6:30 to 8:30 most days"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Work 9 hour daysGreat co-workersUnexperienced owners that don't treat employees wellThey started with over 150 reps and 5 offices ended with 2 offices and about 50 reps... numbers don't lie"

Insulation installer (Former Employee) says

"Start the job at 7 up to 6-7 pm. Good job and the people who work with me, great team to make the job. Owner of company bad person just thinking about use the peoplelong hours"

driver code 10 or Forklift drivet (Current Employee) says

"The job is fun, because it entails customer service. It has bulid my inter-personal skills, strongly. I like to meet new people and challenges on daily basis. It has grow my geographical knowledge extensively. It has taught me to work without supervision, and be a team player. Meeting deadlines is of the most improtant aspect of the job Build a character by giving the management positive resultsTipsDon't mind working long hours as deadlines must be met"

Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"Great job with great compensation if you are interested in working in sales. You get to meet a lot of nice people, but door-to-door sales is very taxing on your mental state at times."

Insulation Installer (Former Employee) says

"Load Vehicles drive to job sites, safety checks hazards with home owner. Inusulate ceilings and underfloors. Remove all rubbish. Hardest part of the job was insulating tight and inaccessable areas.Usage of VehiclesLong hours, Traveling long distances"

Lead Hand Installer (Former Employee) says

"630-7 start time work till whenever Paid to drive to siteTight hot attics with potential to meet angry fuzzy squattersHard labourPromoted from helper, to driver, to leadhand/installer within 5 months of working there, but when asking for a raise I got nothing for 6 months and then I got 50 cents an hour and told to be greatful. Also told I would cap out at $20/hr when I know for a fact the guy before me was making $22... sexism or depreciation... considering the cost of living just keeps going up I would put my money on the sexist part.If you are a female and make the poor decision to apply here, don't get your period because if youre too crampy to climb into a tight (super tight) attic they will send you for a covid test... its a jobLong hours, favoritism, andrews explosive anger"

Energy Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Eco Insulation is just like any other summer sales company. However, they are fairly flexible and understanding and will help you succeed. At the end of the day, however, the owner is only concerned about making money."